Product Filter Bug?

I’m trying to determine if this is a bug or just in need of modification to some search code.

I have a filter set up with product features that have been assigned to specific products within certain categories. I click one of the links in my filter to get the list of products with the assigned feature and, lo and behold, I not only get the products with the assigned chosen feature but also other products that have the words from the filter in their product name and description. Shouldn’t the product filter ONLY pull items into the list which have been assigned that particular feature? Is this the way a filter should work?

Thank you for any assistance that can be provided.


Hi Scase, I can confirm this as a “serious” bug.

My current workaround is never share a feature that you’re going to use as filter, because we don’t know when we want to use it as a filter, so just make a feature specific for a certain category.

If you have a category called cell phone and the other is called camera, you can not simply use a brand feature for these categories. The same variant values in this feature will confuse the program so the filtered result is a mess.

Long before in 2.0 beta, I found this problem and I mentioned it here, not in the bug tracker, can’t believe they don’t find this bug.

If you use my workaround, it’s ok and it makes more sense. However, the logic of filters and features have to be improved.

For example, why can’t I simple assign a feature as a filter in feature management process? Now we have to repeat similar process twice, say I will use filter name the same as the feature name, also I’d like to apply this filter to the same categories that the feature has assigned to.

Two things need to be noticed:

  1. Easy and bulk management of the growing features and filters.(pagination, quick search or locate, the structure should make more sense)

  2. The structure. Now the filter page doesn’t have any structure, it’s just a list, you can’t have filters that have the same name or you will get confused soon.