Product features - variants tab missing?

Setting up product features on a new 2.2.4 install, all of a sudden the variant tab goes missing…

Inspecting the code shows that it now has some hidden style class applied to it. I cant get it to come back o_O

Here are some screens -



EDIT - there is something really wrong, feature groups dont show up in the manager either after being created?



I got the same in the latest version.

I have 10 pages of features in the admin, but can only see the first page when editing a product.

This is only since the latest upgrade.

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This has been reported in the bug tracker and the solution is here:


This is a diferent solution that was given to me by Support (BTW their suggestion doesnt work),

I was advised to amend the file fn.catalog.php and change a line that doesnt exist, so I stil dont have Variants displayed.

I eventually had to copy all files from another working site over the problem site to get it to work as I had no idea why it wouldnt work.