Product Features Are Making Too Much Time

product features are making too much time.



Query Time 79

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM cscart_product_feature_variants  LEFT JOIN cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions ON cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions.variant_id = cscart_product_feature_variants.variant_id AND cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions.lang_code = 'tr' LEFT JOIN cscart_product_features_values ON cscart_product_features_values.variant_id = cscart_product_feature_variants.variant_id AND cscart_product_features_values.lang_code = 'tr' AND cscart_product_features_values.product_id = 84454 LEFT JOIN cscart_product_features ON cscart_product_features.feature_id = cscart_product_feature_variants.feature_id WHERE 1  AND cscart_product_feature_variants.feature_id IN (2)

2.83609 TIME

SELECT * FROM `cscart_product_features_values` total of 930184 row
SELECT * FROM `cscart_product_feature_variants` total of 58779 row
SELECT * FROM `cscart_product_feature_variant_descriptions` total of 58779 row
this query can speed up how the site is slowing down.
please give me an idea.