Product feature mandatory for vendors


I think that cs-cart should have this feature by default, we need our vendors to fill some products features mandatory, we can’t let them ‘forgot’ to fill some important features and take our precious time disapproving the product, let the vendor know whats the issue and wait for another approval. The best thing it will be to be able to select what is mandatory for vendor products. For instance one of the vendors is selling clothes while other mobile phone chargers, we need need them th select size, color, and for the phone accessories to select connector type, etc, in order for the final client to be able to filter the product search properly.

I have found this topic but its not very vlear on how to enable mandatory fields for features tab How To Make A Field Mandatory In Product Detail Page Tabs

Is there any addon that can do that ?

Thanks a lot

There is a set of modules for your tasks. The moderation module controls all the content that the seller uploads in the context of tariffs. If Google has indexed products, the seller cannot delete it without your permission. Read the description, this module will suit you.

This will reduce the time for sellers to add characteristics. The seller himself added do you agree to accept or not

This one combine the same or similar

Visit our store on the marketplace, you will find many modules for automating manual labor and controlling sellers