Product details not shown

In CS cart 4.0.3, I have a problem with the product page. I cannot see the details and description of the products.

Any suggestions?

First of all, have you made any changes to any of the templates?

Have you cleared your site cache (go to - ie. add ?cc to your admin URL)?

If it still doesn't show, go to:

Design>Layouts>Products (tab)

Ensure the 'Main Content' block exists and is active.

I haven't touched the template. I upgraded the store from 1.3.5 and then migrated it to a clean installation of 4.0.3.

I cleared cache, and also deleted the var/cache folder but nothing.

The main content is active, otherwise I couldn't see the product at all.

After reading again what StellarBytes told me to look for and also after checking the demo backend at, I found out that in my case there is no “description” product tab.

I tried to add it but I cannot find it somewhere.

In fact, the only product tabs that I have are tags, attachments, reviews, required products.


I am having the same problem. I do not have details of the products.

I believe you must have content in the “long description” for the tab to show. Could be a cause.

There is content in all of my products.The thing is that I lost the tab at all.

Yesterday, I re-installed the 4.0.3 to see if the package is corrupted or something, but, the tabs were there. The problem comes after I import the 2.2.5 version with the “store import” addon.

I had no problems importing 2.2.5 > 4.0.1 and then 4.0.2.

What happens if you add a tab called “Description” ? I presume the default tab 'Description' has a unique ID and doesn't match the 'Name' for this function to work (ie. to generate the tab and publish the content of the Description tab).

Nothing happens. It just comes up with a new tab “Description (Block)” with no use.

I have the same problem. After copying to second storefront, main product tabs (product description, features) not shown on second storefront and impossible too add it.

Main store:

Second store:

Second storefront product:

I contacted the technical support and they finally fixed it. This is what they told me:

[quote][color=#555555]I have examined your store and managed to find the cause of the problem. The [/color]Description[color=#555555] tab was transferred to CS-Cart version 4.0.3 with the [/color]GR[color=#555555] language code. I replaced it with the [/color]EL[color=#555555] one and created the [/color]Description[color=#555555] tab with the [/color]EN[color=#555555] language code. Now the [/color]Description[color=#555555] tab displays on the product details page in the storefront for each language.[/color]

[color=#555555]Please check it.[/color]

[color=#555555]Unfortunately, this issue is caused by a bug in the standard CS-Cart installation. I have forwarded it to our engineers. Most probably this bug will be fixed in the next version of CS-Cart.[/color][/quote]

And I'm hoping the missquoted you on the response and that they used lower case language codes versus upper case (I.e. en versus EN). Another one of the joys of V4.