Product Detail Page on PayPal


I have added Paypal Express Checkout as payment method. Configuration related to paypal are done properly. For testing I am able to place an order and pay through PayPal.

But I have a question about PayPal page. When user clicks on PayPal Express checkout or Place Order button, I am not getting list of items on PayPal page.

Please refer following image… I get all information such as policy link and payment information… but I am missing table view containing list of items, quantity, individual breakdown of price…etc

Is there anything I am missing in configuration?

Please help asap.


[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“6”]I am looking for something similar to this following order page view…[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Did you find out to get product name ??

i would also like to know how this can be applied?

Can anyone from CS-Cart help with thie thread, i think it would greatly benefit the entire system and would be worthing investing some time in.

Do you ever fell like your talking to yourself???

Has anyone got any ideas for this?