Product default in basket free, but can be added charged

Hi all

I have a very specific request for my shopping cart:

When a costumer goes to the shopping cart, to start the check out process, a free product is added to the order.

The twist is, that it shall be possible for the costumer to increase the numbers of the free product, but will be charged for the extra products.


We donate to a cup of coffee for the local homeless for every order, but would like to offer the costumer to donate more cups, which they will pay for. So first cup is on us and extra will be paid by the customer.

I know this is not a normal thing to request, but is there anyway to do this or do I need a custom development?


Paid product should be treated as a new product in cart. So maybe you can duplicate the product which is not for gift purpose.


But am I able to have that product automatically/be default put into the shopping cart?

Then the logic will be a bit complex. How many pieces will make the product to be paid? That could be complex if use one product for both gift and make it paid above certain qty.

The free product and the paid product can easily be 2 different products.

Another solution could be, that the free product is not an actual product, but shown integrated in the shopping cart, so the costumer gets the feel of it being a product.