Product Data Export: How To Make It User Friendly

I tried a product data export dump and ended up with a jumbled mess of data in a spreadsheet... the spread of data fields across columns is inconsistent from row to row (across products) and I am finding the export to be rather useless in it's current state.

Is there an addon or setting that can make download and upload of product data much more user friendly? I would image that there should be a way to have each "data field" fit into a corresponding cell on a spreadsheet that lines up under the appropriate heading for the column.

For example:

Product Code - Price - Weight - Description

122 - $4 - .06 lb - awesome product one

123 - $5 - .26 lb - awesome product two

And then be able to easily upload it back to the system to overwrite these fields on the products after changing the data some?

Are you importing the data in excel via "Data->Import from text" and then choosing a delimiter? If you do it that way it will be nice and organized.