Product Count In Admin Category View Not Showing

we have our categories layed out in a heirarchical structure.

with both 4.2.4 and 4.3.1 multi-vendor, the product counts of the child categories to not roll up to the parent category.



B has 2 products, when you expand A, you see B has two products, but A shows 0, expanded or collapsed.

our first sample data has 27,000 products, all without a category (set to unclassified)

and we are moving them around to get them into the right category locations.

unclassified (one level category), shows 27,000 products (correct),

move some to A->B, and unclassified is reduced, but the rest disappearā€¦ unless you KNOW that you put them in a specific category branch.

is this a bug, or just missing function?

we are trying to get ready to go production and open the storeā€¦ (not yet purchased license)

This is default feature. It shows only products which belong to the selected category and does not take into account products from subcategories