Product configurator with variants

CS Cart 2.0.12

Hi, I am setting up a product configurator, but I ran into a really crushing problem, the configurator does not seem capable of handling products with variants!

The main product being configured is fine, that is, the variant of the main product (in this case ‘Size’) works, but the required products in the configurator also have their own variants and they do not appear anywhere, not even when clicking on the sub-product link that opens the product descriptin in the lightbox.

For example, imagine this is a standard Computer configurator. You can have a product entry with “Corsair RAM” with variants of 1GB, 2Gb, 4Gb.

Now when you are configuring a computer the problem is that you can only select “Corsair RAM” but there is no option to select the size (variant) of the RAM module!

Am I missing something or is the configurator truly incapable of handling sub product variants? This would be a major problem for us if true.


It is a known limitation; there are some posts in the forum and the Bug Tracker.It won’t provide near-term change but you could request this in the UserVoice suggestion system - click the ‘Ideas’ link at the top of the page.


Ah OK, I searched, but could not see directly relevant posts. It is a bit odd to use separate logic for the configurator when the variant functionality already exists in the cart engine.

It is as if CS Cart coders made a separate cart that bolts on top of the main CS Cart.

I will solve this by creating individual hidden product variants - time consuming, but I cannot wait.


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I complained in August 2007 about the configurator and products with options::


If there are options, ie color, text fields, text boxes AND configuration dropdowns or radio buttons, ie with a computer, then when you edit the configuration, you loose the contents of the text field and text box options. They become empty and any dropdowns go back the default


Unfortunately CS-Cart product configurator cannot work with product options. This is a current limitation of default functionality. And to alter it custom modification of CS-Cart code is required

A followup to the same question, CS-CART said:

[QUOTE]Yes, this configurator functionality will be improved in the next after the nearest release[/QUOTE]

I think this was for version 1.3.5.