Product Configurator vs Buy Together

  1. I have been playing around with the Product Configurator and the Buy Together addons. I do not understand the difference between them. They seem to do the same thing; purchase other products while ordering another. Can someone explain the difference between the two (other than layout).

  2. Does either one work with products with options. I know in 1.3.5 SP4 Configurator didn’t work with options. Has this been corrected in the 2.0.x version.

  3. Will either one work for a costume rental product where the main product is made up of sub products (i.e. shirt, pants, shoes, etc.) that each have their own options (i.e. size, color)?


I haven’t messed around with the configurator yet for the 2.x series, but I did a lot with the 1.3.x series.

1.) Basically the configurator is for making one product out of many products. The way I used it was to build an aquarium package. Bascially the system started out with asking what type of tank they wanted and went for about 20 questions while adding different products along the way until the customer’s tank was “built”.

The configurator is the same type of thing that HP and Dell use to customize their computers.

2.) Since I haven’t messed with the configurator for the 2.x series, I don’t know.

3.) I think either would work, but if there are required products than I am not sure if the buy together addon would work. Of course you might be able to use the required products feature for this, I don’t know.

Hope this answered something at least.


Any suggestions on how to do this in cs-cart? I am stumped on how to setup a costume rental made of required subproducts that have options of their own.

Product Configurator:

Current product configurator does not support product options of the product groups.

Product configurator is further configurable and you can set product groups products compatible with other product groups upto a limited extend for front end users. Current configurator product groups does not support pictures.

The main item does not have to be part of the product groups.

Buy Together:

You should be able to make a rental sale packages made of product options of the different product groups. But this not further configurable for the front end users.

But you can set different packages as client selection as bundle offers.

The main items has to be part of the buy together for different packages