Product configurator questions

I’m wondering if any of the following is possible using product configurator. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

  1. Each line currently shows the full price of the associated product. How about displaying a price difference, similarly to how the basic options work? So, if I’m selling a custom PC with two CPU choices, I would want the first CPU (selected by default) to show nothing or zero, then the second one to show +$100, or whatever the price difference is. The full price of each processor should only be used for calculation but not displayed because those items are not sold separately.

  2. When clicking on an item’s link, a pop-up window opens with information about that item. I would like to hide the price of the product for the same reason as above – it is not sold separately. A simple “hide price” or “not available separately” checkbox in the product configuration of the CPU itself would be amazing and could possibly accomplish 1) and 2).

  3. That same pop-up window tends to be huge, approximately 1234x1065 pixels. Any way to set it to a fixed size like 700x600?

  4. While setting up product configuration in the admin panel, you can create steps, product groups and compatibility classes. Each has a “Name” property. It would be great if each had two name properties – “Name” and “Display Name”. The first one would be used internally in the admin panel. The second one would be displayed to the customer. Right now, if I have two custom PC configurators on the web site, they would both have a step called “Required Components” and a product group called “CPU”. That would make it very difficult to figure out which is which in the admin panel. The other option currently is to name each one differently: “CPU for PC1”, “CPU for PC2” which would appear very amateurish to the customer.

    If any addon developers are reading this, you’ll have my business the moment something like this is released :)

Looking for the same mod.