Product Configurator HOW IT WORK ?? Im going MAD

Im really going MAD with product configurator, i read the manual, read posts here, etc… but cant do what i need.

The Product Configurator topic was around the forum for a couple of years… since 2007 i think… and nobody explain it very well.

Here is a little chart of what im trying to do and what im doing…

Hope someone can tell me what im doing wrong !! thanks in advance.

product configurator OK.jpg

I had to have CS-Cart explain how the configurator works when I first set it up. Here is what they said:

[quote]On the “Product configurator” page there are three sections: “Steps”, “Product groups”, “Compatibility classes”.

On the “Steps” section you can set how many steps will be in the assembling. For example the first step: (important things) SHAPE, SIZE , FILTER CONFIGURATION, BACKGROUND; second step: (additional things)CANOPY/STAND,LIGHTING and etc

On the “Product groups” section you can create groups of products, assign them to the steps, set up the “Display type” (selectbox, radio button and etc ).

On the “Compatibility classes” you can create classes of products, assign them to the groups, add the product to the class, and also set the compatibility of the classes. For example if you chose the “Bow Front” shape you can choose only the “Show Aquarium” filter configuration and etc.

Then you need to add a product (or edit). Enable “Configurable product:” option in the “Detailed information” section on the “Add new product” (or “Update product”) page for this product. Click on the “Add new” (or “Save changes”) button. The “Configuration” section will be displayed, you can apply the product with the product groups, set up configuration by default using “Default configuration products” field and also set up which groups are required using the “Required” checkbox.[/quote]

I think I might have a more detailed explanation somewhere, but I would have to look. If you still need help after reading this PM me and I’ll do my best to help you.


Brandon !!

I was looking your fishtank configurator…and thats exactly what i need :slight_smile:

I was trying to PM you and you have you inbox full, so you cant receive more PMs

Brandon, tI figure it out how it works because of your help.

Thanks a LOT