Product Configurator for Custom PC store

Hey there,

I have a store that sells custom PC’s and I’m looking to make use of the product configurator. It’s one of the main reasons I bought CS Cart.

First off: How can I set it so that when picking options for components, the prices listed next to each option can be displayed as a negative. For instance, if the customer is selecting a component that is below the defualt of the PC, it would show (-$250) in the price field.

Second: If a customer clicks on a option for a component in the configurator, it will bring them to a product page for that component. How can I make it so this won’t happen. I am not selling individual components.

Third: If I add pictures to the descriptions of an item category in the configurator, customers can cycle through those pictures when just viewing the regular product images. I’d like to prevent this too if possible.

All in all, besides those few fine points, I’m asking if anyone knows how I can make this configurator look and behave more like a product configurator found on other high-end custom PC manufacturer’s sites. ex. Maingear, Digital Storm, etc.

All comments appreciated!


You won’t like the answer… Configurator has never been completely implemented, is buggy and is only useful to people who have confirgurable components that are single quantity and no options…

If it’s been improved in the 2.1.x release stream then I’m not aware of it. Didn’t used to be able to select options of a component at all.

I too am unsure whether the configurator has been improved but go here

[url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

and have a look for yourself.

Also have a play around in the demo admin to see if its what you want