Product Colour Filters

Hi guys,

ive created within product features and product filters within cs cart and have added this filter within my blocks but it does not show on my website, however with price, all i did was enable it in filters and its showing without any problems.

has anybody dealt with colours in product filters in cs cart? as well as “recently viewed”? as neither of the blocks are showing on my website.

ive checked the help guides which are very straight forward but the filters just do not show for some reason.

any help will be greatly appreciated.


Hello limbomania!

I've tested it on CS-Cart v.3. Everything seems to be working fine.

For creating a Color filter create a Color feature first and fill out the Variants tab. Then, create a Color filter. Don't forget to apply the Color feature to the products (Products → Products → Edit the necessary product → Features tab). If it's not done, the filter won't appear.

As for the Recently viewed block. Please go to Design → Blocks → Add block → Create new block tab → Products. Click the Contents tab and choose Recently viewed in the Filling box. This block will appear after you have viewed at least one product.

Best regards, Alt-team