Product Class/Category, product template

  1. Add Product Class, bear infos of:
  • Set of features: Such as Monitor (type, screensize, resolution) CPU (type, speed,…)
  • Set of required fields to input when create new product
  • Product.tpl file to load (template file that need to load, instead of default product.tpl)
  1. When create Product, choose Product Class, so
  • In the input page when create product, we just see what we need to work with
  • The current Features system of Beta does not have Product Class, so if in a Category, we have many type of products, it seems not good.
  • Product can show with custom .tpl, we could create a very impressive different product page.
  1. When create Category, We can assign template to. It will nearly equal to Multistores in Magento; or we can just do as Magento, use the terms of Store, include
  • Category to load
  • Template