Product Bundles, Multiple Promotions Applied In Error?

So here is the scenario, I sell flavor combos of a certain product line at discounted pricing

created a combo of 4 flavors and another of 5 flavors
when the 5 flavor combo bundle is added to cart, the discount from BOTH the 4 flavor and 5 flavor combo gets applied


product bundle #1 of 4 items: Amaretto, Cherry, Honey and Rum flavors
product bundle $2 of 5 items: Amaretto, Cherry, Honey, Rum and Vanilla flavors

add the 5 item bundle to the cart and promotion discounts for both the 4 and 5 item combos gets discounted,
I can see why as items from bundle 1 are also included in bundle 2 but does anyone know how to avoid the double discounts being applied?

Product Bundles does not have the ability to stop other rules being applied like as found in the Promotions tab.

aside from changing the combos to remove any possible item duplications does anyone have any suggestions?