Product Bundles does not seem to be working with Variations

Maybe I am missing something here.

I created a product listing with 5 variations, then created a product bundle that permits “Any variation” with a discount for purchasing 5 products (of any variation).

The product bundle option then shows on the product page regardless of if “Show on products page” is ticked or not (that checkbox seems not to have any purpose if the add-on is set to show in the page or in the tab).

When I check the product listing the offered bundle price shows the discounted price option BUT at checkout the full un-discounted price is still being charged. This behaviour is the same regardless of what variation is selected or even if 5 of the same variation is selected.

A discount is only actually applied at the checkout when a total of 8 products from any of the 5 variations is added to the cart even though the Product Bundle Offer provides the discounted price for just 5 items.

So if you create a product bundle on a listing with options and select “Any Option” with a discount for 5 items the product bundle applies the discount for 5 of any option.

But if you create exactly the same bundle for with a listing with variations then the discount is only actually applied if the customer selects 8 items from the available variations.

That one is a known bug. Customer Care already received complaints about it in Help Desk, and the fix will be included in version 4.16.1.

In the meantime, here’s a diff file that Customer Care provided to the client:
d3ffed023ae8099f311658c437d90dcef04d3322.diff (1.2 KB)

And here’s how to apply a DIFF file.

It might be worth posting other strange behavior on the bug tracker, or contacting Customer Care through Help Desk. The latter is better, because the bug tracker has some limitations:

  • Only one problem per bug report.

  • Replies might come slower.

  • If we can’t reproduce the problem on a demo, it might be specific to your installation, and outside the scope of the bug tracker. In that case, we’d ask you to contact us through Help Desk anyway.

Thanks for the detailed reply ikoshkin, I might hold off on the diff file for the moment because Product Bundles is behaving completely screwy at the moment and we have raised it in help desk.

It is bizarre because I have deleted the product bundle, disabled the product bundle add-on, cleared the site cache, cleared browser cache, logged out and logged back in again AND … the crazy behaviour of product bundle persists i.e. discounts are applied to a group of variants as part of the original product bundle (incorrectly) even thought the bundle no longer exists and the add on is uninstalled. Crazy stuff huh haha

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That’s fair. I’m sorry to hear that you have to deal with that issue, but our Customer Care and Help Desk are the best bet for figuring out why it happens and offering a solution.


My bad, for a full day we were trying multiple ways to create a simple customer discount, i.e. if a customer adds X number of products to a cart of “any” combination either from a category of products or alternatively a listing with multiple variations then they get a discount on all of those products. We attempted this both via promotions and via product bundles but neither seem capable of achieving that.

I the process of testing this in multiple ways I did not realise in the end that I had both a promotion and a product bundle active at the same time, hence the odd results above which I incorrectly attributed to a product bundle issue. Thanks Support

Nonetheless the ability to create such a simple discount remains elusive.

Promotions does not provide the ability to create the condition of “X” number of any products in category or “X” number of “any” type from a listing with multiple variations.

Product bundles has a tick box for number of “any variation” however the “any” is not precisely accurate as it is applied as “any of all”, i.e. you can create a promotion that will give a discount for 5 of any of all the variations but not 5 of any variation, this means the customer must select 5 Blue Shirts not 5 of any colour “variation” (for example) to get the discount.

It seems like a simple kind of discount that should be achievable either via category or variation.

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Update: Support have identified a bug with product bundles “any variation” option and are working on a fix.