Product B Requires Product A


I know about the "buy together" add-on, but that's not what I'm looking for.

Preliminary note: the products we distribute are digital products (digital services).

Let's assume product A is the technical base that every customer must buy.

Product B is an additional feature (product) that can only be used if the customer also owns product A.
The customer buys product A in January (the technical basis).
In February, he would like to buy product B (the additional feature that only works with product A).
How can I check if the customer has already bought product A (the technical base) in the past and therefore allow him to buy product B in February?
Are there add-ons or even out-of-the-box functionality for this?
Looking forward to your answers!
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We do not know ready to solution with such functionality. Additional custom development work is required

Too bad.
Thank you for the quick information.