Product's Short Description Or Promo Text

Product's short description or Promo text

Hi, Is there a way to add
Product's short description or Promo text, content
to the cs-cart's front page block grid view or the scroller view?

So that there is another row underneath the product title and above the price?
So that it can act like the product moto or something like that.

So that it looks something like this

- Product image
- Product title
-"Product short description or Promo text "
- Product price

Or is there an addon that can do that?

Thank you :)

For example, to make changes in the grid list, please edit the following template


add under the div with the ty-grid-list__price class the following code

{$product.promo_text|default:$product.short_description nofilter}

Then clear cache

P.S. It is recommended to use hooks in this file to extend the template

(!) Not tested

Thank you very much for your help.
Much appreciated :)