Processed (order status) what does it mean

like in title? what does it mean? and what are diffrence bettwen comleted?

can i change processed to send status? (i know where to change but if i change it will affect something?)

“Processed” is classified as ‘Payment recieved, and item processed’

therefore the next step is “completed/posted” which you can change, edit or create via the order status page via the orders area of the administration panel

from: /skins/mail/orders/

(mine is modified, but conditions.txt is in there and it indicates what status and corresponding “letter” condition)

looks something like this and is named “conditions.txt”



Is you look at your order status in admin page, you will see some are optional, but others are not. I "THINK" only status=C and status=P will actually "close" the order (in other words, it will still show up under incomplete orders on your admin page unless either of these 2 variables have been implemented)

You can put a bunch of different conditions in to suit your needs, (and add the appropriate communication (e-mail) in your order_notification.tpl) but unless you change the conditions status (i am not sure where) only those two statuses will "close" the transaction by default.