Problems with V2

If anyone can chime in on how to fix these, please!

  1. “Testimonials” is stuck at displaying all testimonials in the sideblock even though the “Comments and reviews” setting is at “1” - confirmed this through the CS-Cart online Demo.

  2. The Form Builder calendar picker is nulled - it does not display a calendar on the ‘customer’ form page when the calendar icon is clicked. I confirmed this through the CS-Cart online Demo.

  3. “Recently Viewed” goes on forever - no way to limit the number of items in this list.

  4. On Category pages, main category thumbnail is shown but not sub-category thumbnails.

Needed to update this.

5. Only guessing because I see no overt way to do it, but no “On Sale” feature.

Am I the only one having these issues or am I just missing the check box?

Just went through the Country list to “Disable” 242 of them, one at a time. Was there no better way to do this?

I think this is a great cart system - hands down, especially after I almost committed suicide trying to wrap my head around Magento. What a joke!

Still, the way some things are implemented just baffle me, and since the three issues I posted above have yet to be addressed, I started fixing stuff myself. And since I have no idea what I am doing, it usually takes a week to get just one thing correct.

Here is my ‘fix’ for the checkout page shipping estimate pop-up because it seemed backwards clicking “Estimate shipping costs” only to have the “Estimate” link invoke a “Select” link with related shipping options above the location fields. If you find this useful please test it first because I am working locally and again, have no idea if my changes might affect something down the road.

In /YOURSKIN/views/checkout/components/shipping_estimation.tpl find:

and grab it down to:

Move all this under:

{include file="buttons/button.tpl" but_text=$lang.estimate but_name="dispatch[checkout.shipping_estimation]" but_role="text"}

And before:

{if $location != "sidebox"}

My Trial ends in about three weeks so I am working feverishly to make sure I can customize everything I need before moving to this version. Any other suggestions are welcome in this thread.