Problems with SEO please HELP!!

Hi, we had enable the SEO for our store, I configured in the administrator to show me category/subcategory/product, but what really shows me is category/product. So I changed to show me only the name of the product but still shows me category/product. The weirdest part is that, in the store front, when I go from one product to another product, the URL generated shows me the main category, then it repeats the main category as many times as the number of products I had visited, something like this, if I visited 4 different products:

When I was looking for:


When we went back to use the cs-cart default skin, it was working perfectly.

I tried the knowledge base, we actually configured the SEO following the kb instructions.

If somebody knows about this, please, we’re desperate!!


I’m curious about which skin is giving you the problems. If the default skin is working fine, then it must be the skin you are using.