Problems With Images- Corrupt Cache?

I have problem product pages in my catalog which do not load the product main image, Instead I get a spinning progress icon which will just keep spinning forever. As an experiment, I exported all fields of one problem product as a CSV file and then deleted the product. I then re-imported the product (it had only one main image to begin with). This fixed the problem, while replacing the image file did not, indicating that the problem was not the image but probably the path in the image link. I know there are other products with this image problem but don't know which ones so I cannot delete all problem products. Can I fix them all at one time by reimporting all images with “clean up” selected? Also, since I was able to export the product, delete it and re-import it with no change then it seems that the database itself does not have corrupt data (or the re-import would not fix the problem). Therefore, I think this could be a caching issue and the cached data for this product was corrupt. Does anyone have any insights into what might be happening? Thanks for any help.

Try to use the Administration → Storage → Clean up generated thumbnails option art first. The image on the product details page is also generated from the product detailed image

Hi, am having the exact same problem with images not displaying. I get a spinning progress icon which will just keep spinning forever. I can upload images no problem at all, but the images (main and additional) won't display on the frontend. How can I fix the problem? It's driving me nuts.
please help!