Problems When Clicking On Categories At Horizontal Menu

Im using a 4.3.2 version of cs-cart, the story is that I have around 20 or 30 categories with lots of subcategories, and I have created in Design/menu/horizontal menu an entry called ALL CATEGORIES pointing URL to index.php?dispatch=categories.catalog

In the store front when I click on ALL CATEGORIES it opens a page with all the categories (not subcategories) all listed in one column (This is Ok but I would like to have 3 or 4 columns better than 1) ..... I have tried in Design/Layouts and creating a new layouts page (add layouts page) and in dispatch I have writed categories.catalog, then I have added a new categories block wuth 3 columns..... but It shows categories and subcategories... And I just want to show categories....

Does anybody know how to show all the categories in 3 or 4 columns using: index.php?dispatch=categories.catalog

Thank you in advance


Open this file and replace:

{include file="views/categories/components/categories_multicolumns.tpl" categories=$root_categories}


{include file="views/categories/components/categories_multicolumns.tpl" categories=$root_categories columns="3"}

Hope this will help