Problems Transferring Installation To a Different Server

So I've been in the process of setting up and re-skinning a CS-Cart 3 installation for our website ( Long story short, I setup a new installation of CS-Cart 3.02 on my personal webserver, which went great, everything functions properly, and I was able to re-skin, configure, and design the 3.02 installation the way that I wanted.

My plan was to make an exact copy of our current installation (2.1.1), and then update that install to 2.2.5 so I could use the import tool in 3.02.

I started by following the instructions here since I was transferring data to another server.

I created an install of CS-Cart 2.08 in another directory on my test server, and then updated it to version 2.1.1 (the same version that our website currently runs on). Everything updated fine, and I was able to login to the admin section of the 2.1.1 installation and soforth. I then copied over all the files from our website (via FTP) like it said in the instructions, and copied over the config.local.php from the new installation as well. I then went into the admin section of my real website and made a backup of our database so that I could copy it over.

After copying the files over, I can't access the admin section in order to import the database, I keep getting a 404 error:

“The requested URL /store/admin994.php was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.”

I have the config.local.php setup to use the new admin file name, and the var, images, skins and catalog directories all have their permissions set to 777, the config.local.php file has its permissions set to 666, and the rest of the files have their permissions set to 644.

I can access the test store's homepage, but if I click on various links, it brings up the 404 error.

Just to clarify, the 3.02 installation works fine, but the 2.1.1 installation is the one I am having issues with.

I've been searching around for awhile now, but I still can't figure this out. Any help on this would be awesome.

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/store/admin994.php > good

store/admin994.php > no good


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/store/admin994.php > good

store/admin994.php > no good



Lucien, thanks for the tip, but unfortunately not the issue I'm currently having.

My issue is with the installation that I made on my test server. The URL for the test installation is [url=“”][/url] and the admin section URL is [url=“”][/url]

Bumping this back up. I still can't figure this out. I tried to do another installation and ended up with the same issue.

serveur Apache ?