Problem With Tpl Files For Checkout


I have the version 3 and try to Display the successful payment page that returns the user of the final amount of certain items that I selected. But while I Display prices so like I can not add them there to get a result.

please help me…


{foreach from=$order_info.items item=“product” key=“key”}

{hook name=“orders:items_list_row”}

{if !$product.extra.parent}

{cycle values=“,class="table-row"” name=“class_cycle” assign=“_class”}

{if $product.product_code >= "Z-000000"}
{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$product.original_price*$product.amount/1.23}{else if}
{include file="common_templates/price.tpl" value=$product.original_price*$product.amount/1.23+1}{/if}


the result of this code is:






please can you tell me how I get all of these values ​​are shown;

I want a total of the first if
and a second set for the other.

Thank you again!!

Does anyone have any idea;;