Problem With Sales And Promotions

if you put an item in sale by making alist price and a price different

you see the little top right deal in % or price on the product thumbnails in category view.

if you make it a promotion then you only see the text under the product wihtout the top portion of image showing the %% off

how can we fix this ?

Which version?

Just seen your bugtracker entry that says it's on 4.0.3

With 4.1.1 the image with the percent off does show if you set the promotion up as a catalog promotion with a percentage off for a category.

anyway to diff 4.03 vs 4.11 to see the needed change ?

especially the common/product_data.tpl i think… it seems somewhere something is NOT assigning a discount if it comes from promotions…

NOW WTF why is this not on the bug system as it was fixed… it surely was reported…