Problem with "Print invoice (pdf)"


I’ve 2 problems:

1, I’ve changed the company logo on the admin site. (Design->Logo->Logo for invoices)

Users can see the logo on the invoices when they print them, but if they create a pdf document, there is no logo, just the frame of it. I’ve tried to change the format of the logo, I’ve tried jpg, bmp and gif formats, but the problem still remains. :confused:

What is the problem? And what is the solution?

2, In the database, there is a user_data table with 3 columns (user_id, type, data).

What are the meaning of the values in the data column?


Please help!

I have the same problem since I upgraded my server, the pdf invoice logo is not showing, have you found the solution?

If you have an error_log in the root directory, look thru that with wordpad for anything that mat be related to that function

in logs the only ting that pops when i try to print the pdf invoice is something like this:

URL: [url][/url]

Request: array ( )

Response: Please wait while we redirect you…

I still have this problem, is there any solution? Please :slight_smile: