Problem With Paypal

Hi all,

i have 2 problems with paypal payment recently

i have a customer that have multiple orders on my store (all of his order is using paypal) and 2 of his orders have some problem

here is the problem:

- 1 of his order have different reference number on my paypal account, the reference number that my paypal have is for different order

- the another 1 is i have a payment record on my paypal but i don't find it on my store's order list

i have checked all order that have "incomplete" but i'm not found it

can someone help me?

PS: i use CS Cart 4.3.4


The buyer has probably used the back button after making payment.

It can screw things up badly.

Did you have CS-Cart set to send you emails of orders placed ?

If so ..keep them because they will be your only record.

It's not the fault of CS-Cart, just the way PayPal and CS-Cart talk to each other.

We got around it by setting a landing page in PayPal settings ( at PayPal ) so

that the buyer is taken back to your store automatically.