Problem with Internet Explorer


has anyone came accross this issue?

It seems that our customers can’t login in with Internet Explorer 8 but it works with Firefox and google Chrome. And when I click sign out in admin it keeps me logged in.

When logging in it just takes you back to home page (like refreshes)

Any idea?


Just freeking weird. Cleared the cache once and did not work

Cleared the cache 3 times and now its working


Its happening over and over again. I have to clear all the cache in the var and compiled folders everytime after someone places an order or it stops working. If they come back and place an order in the same day it won’t show in cart and unable to place the second order or logout in IE 8. Could it be something messed up with cookies maybe? or how it keeps the info in cache?

Would post in bug tracker just in case. Quote version etc.

:oops: You Have. LOL :rolleyes:


This seems to have been a problem throughout the ages with CS-Cart right back to v1. I often get emails saying they can’t use IE in my shop, I test it and it is fine, the user tries again and it works…sometimes

I don’t know how many thousands and thousands of dollars this has cost me over the years with customers not letting me know.

What can one do???

I had their support look into it and here was their fix

[QUOTE]It was caused by that the “var/cache” directory had the incorrect permissions on your server.

I have changed them to the “777” ones.


I have been having a similiar problem, I will check my directory as well

I am still having this problem and the directory is set to 777, however the file under the directory are set to 666. Should everthing is the Var/Cache directory be set to 777?

Still waiting on their support since its still happening unless

I clear the cache manually after every order. I logged in as a customer and was unable to logout. Able to place one order but if try to order again it won’t place the items in the cart.

Create a test user and PM me the user/pass and url.


I appreciate your help.

Support is looking into it at the moment. I will let you know what they come up with.

They asking me to not clear the cache so they can look at it. Our site is not for public use. We sell to our Franchises only.

Thank you again

[quote name=‘Dosterberger’]I am still having this problem and the directory is set to 777, however the file under the directory are set to 666. Should everthing is the Var/Cache directory be set to 777?[/QUOTE]

There is a problem here with setting the folders to 777.

Most modern/up-to-date server will not run PHP correctly with folders and files set to 777. You need to override security measures in order to get it to work that way, and in my opinion your just asking for trouble.

Default vales of 755 for folders, and CGI executables, and 644 for files should work just fine. Some files like config can be set to 600 after configuration is set for added security.

This has been my experience with my last two servers, which were running Ensim, and Now cPanel.

Has anybody tried setting their IE 8 browsers to compatibility mode to see if that changes anything?

With IE anything is possible, but if it is a compatibility issue, code can be added to address this, and force the site into compatibility mode.

Still happening

User placed order with 90 items than trying to add some more before checkout and all items in the shopping cart dissappeared. I logged in as the user and it showed all the items and I was able to place his order. But he could not see any items on his cart

User using Internet Explorer 7

I am using Internet Explorer 8

Have contacted CS Cart Support to see if they can figure it out

Reply from support

[QUOTE]I have checked your site in all browsers. I used the “act as behalf” ability of the 'Jxxxxx Kxxxxx" user.

Unfortunately I cannot reproduce the problem.

Most probably the problem is caused by the additional add-ons of the Internet Explorer 7 browser of this user.