Problem with firefox. Any HTML experts?

If you take a look at…


Works OK on IE.

For some reason, on firefox, the configuration tabs are right justified and vertical and the product items are centred and not left justified.

I’ve looked at the source and can’t see why this would be.

is there anyone that can point me in the right direction :frowning:

Thanks very much!!

we use the aquarelle scheme and I had a similiar problem when i upgraded to sp3 but it was in multicolumns.tpl

(not related)

it looks like a table tag in main.tpl or top_quick_links is not closed pushing everything to the right.

check any align=right tables to make sure it is closed

the "/td

sometimes it helps to view the source in firefox, paste that into dreamweaver

and look in the code. dreamweaver will show all unclosed and error-tags.

Unfortunatelty I don’t own dreamweaver. I tried Nvu, and some online HTML checkers, but I’ve had no luck as yet :frowning:

try the trial. that should do it i guess?

Otherwise another editor that can do that, someone?

is it ok now ?

Yes, it was a CSS thing to do with centering my website. it seemed to center the inner things too. not quite sure why…