Problem With Exporting A Products .csv File

When I create the file the Description is broken into many columns

and not one single column containing the entire description.

Is there a setting to prevent this happening or is this just the way it is ?

Also the .csv file is messy with some values not lining up with the correct header.

eg The Product Description is broken up into pieces under Price, Cost Price, Retail Price & Sale Price.

If you are exporting from the Data feed addon, you need to add quote (") for the Enclosure.

I always export as comma seperated and open in excel.

I am just using an out of the box cs-cart.

Tried using the default semi colon but it is still a huge mess.

Selected 6 products.

My product description was segmented across 6 unnamed columns and

most of the column headers didn't have corresponding data types underneath.

I don't really see how this export file can be used for any useful purpose.

A complete mess. Using OpenOffice Calc to open file.

Even tried exporting from SQL Database but still get the Product Description

broken into many columns.







In your second screenshot, use a quote (") not apostrophe (') for Text delimiter.

That did it. Thank you very much.

Copied and pasted the description html into a shop product file and it looked a bit messy so

replaced all these ' ' things ( that were scattered through the html ) with a space and all went well.

Thanks again The Tool for filling in the gaps that should be included in a trouble shooter.