Problem With Checkout Page

I'm having an issue with my checkout page where parts are shown even though I don't have them in my layout.

This is what is being shown:


This is how it is set up:


As you can see there is multiple repeats of the comments, newsletter and terms sections, even though i've not set them up like that.
Also the ordering seems wrong (5 before 4)

I've also check each blok option, to see if there were any items added to them, but none of those blocks have fields I can add or remove, so they are just the default templates.

Does anybody have an idea what could be going on?



Looks like you use old checkout with layout from new one. Try to disable all blocks there and enable the Main content block at the bottom

I've reverted to the old 'Step-by-Step' layout for now, as the new one was giving me the described issues.

So i'm actually trying to convert to the new single page checkout.

What I did before reverting was:

1. Disabled the 'Step-by-Step Checkout' plugin.

2. Went to layout and chose the checkout tab.

3. Disabled 'main content' and changed the layout as shown.

It does look like it was still doing something with the old checkout though, could it be because I didn't actually delete the plugin and instead only disabled it?

Disabling is ok.

At first try to check addons related with checkout. If they were created for old checkout, it can brake the layout

I've looked at all the addons that are active, but none look like they should have anything to do with the old checkout:

  • [eComLabs] Search Improvements
  • Banners
  • Attachments
  • Datafeeds
  • Form Builder
  • Advanced Product Import
  • Google Analytics
  • Google export
  • Google ReCAPTCHA
  • Google sitemap
  • Help Center
  • Maps and geolocation
  • My Changes
  • Newsletters
  • PDF Documents
  • Pricelist
  • SEO
  • Access Restrictions

None of those should have anything to do with the checkout page in my opinion.

What about "My changes"?