Problem With Canonical And Some Other Issues In Google Search Console


we was make manual update and create some changes in our website about 2 month ago.

but after some days "google search console" start to show Excluded errors (Canonical and another issues ...) and this warning grow up day to day (up to 8000 page until now)

so, please view the attached picture (coverage page in google search console) and give us any solution (addon or any another ways to resolve or decrease this issue)

best regards

akbar shahmohammadi


You need to give example page(s) to better help you with your issue(s).

You need to give example page(s) to better help you with your issue(s).

Hi Dear

Thanks for reply

i attached pictures of 4 below major increasing issues


1-Alternate page with proper canonical tag

2-Page with Redirect

3-Excluded by 'noindex' tag

4-Crawled - currently not indexed

example for first issue:

Referring page:مراقبتی-و-امنیتی/دوربینهای-مداربسته-و-نظارتی/دوربین-سیمی-چشمی-درب-اسکاویژن-مدل-5107-با-تصویر-واید-و-حسگر-تصویر-سونی.html?currency=USD

User-declared canonical:


Alternate page with proper canonical tag.jpg

Page with Redirect.jpg

Excluded by noindex tag.jpg

Crawled - currently not indexed.jpg

Unfortunately I do not have any experience with multi-language/multi-currency SEO but I would guess that you do not have it configured correctly. Hopefully someone can chime in with some useful information.