Problem Update Profile Info & Addon Stripe


I have installed this plugin http://marketplace.c…nt-gateway.html and a problem appear

The problem is when i want update my user profile, when i click save button appears an error (banner): SERVICE

UNAVAILABLE Sorry, service is temporarily unavailable.

I think there is a problem with the URL becausse the URL that shows the error is /index.php?dispatch=profiles_update%3D&selected_section=general

But if I change some caracters in the browser to (change profiles_update for profiles.update and delete %3D from the URL) index.php?dispatch=profiles.update&selected_section=general the profile update the info correctly

When I desactivate the plugin all is Ok, soo the plugin is the problem, but i Need to solve this becasuse stripe i our only payment processor.

How to solve please ?

In config.php I uncomment //define(‘DEBUG_MODE’, true); an apperars this error


Error processing request

Error at

app/functions/fn.control.php, line: 198

(//people this is line 198//) throw new InputException(‘Error processing request’);


File: index.php

Line: 25

Function: fn_dispatch





Contact the developer (Simtech Dev). However it does NOT make a lot of sense that a payment method is in any way involved in a profile update.

Stripe allows you to save customers card. Simtech put a “credit card vault” into the User Profile page so that customers can add, update, and remove cards.

I have the same problem.


I also have the same problem. I installed the add-on in my new 4.2.4 site and it works great, until I got to testing the creation of accounts.

Then I got similar error messages. There was a Stripe tab in the Registration information. I actually had it removed. I could then could create an account a basic account, but then again, had the same issue when adding the billing information. It appeared that you had to create a stripe account.

I put a ticket in at Simtech. They have been very nice and trying to help. In the mean time, had to revert back to the previous processor.

I suggested that any integration with registration should be an option (after adequate testing) and not automatically configured. All I want is to be able to process a credit card. Customers don't even know what Stripe is, let alone create an account with them…

Hopefully, Simtech will solve the issue (for me, remove it completely from registration). I did include this post in my Help Ticket today, since I received a similar error message.


Same here - I directed them to this post in my ticket as well; although, I have yet to hear anything back from them.

Ok - so here is what I did to at least get around it. I would prefer to fix it, but …

  1. Remove, or comment out all of the content in : /app/addons/sd_stripe/controllers/frontend/
  2. Same thing to /var/themes_repository/basic/templates/addons/sd_stripe/hooks/profiles/
  3. You also need to mod the file that displays the tabs to remove the tabs section. Otherwise it still displays the Stripe tab, but with no content! I can not remember what it is at the moment.

    That effectively by-passes the stripe “customer account” portions. I am fairly sure the problem is in the first file, but I do not have time to search for it.

    These two files do not have any connection to the checkout page, other than injecting saved cards if there are some, so they do not affect checkout.


Thanks for the fix, but I will wait for a fix from Simtech. My fix would remove it from the add-on or make it an optional feature. I think before asking a customer whether they want to have this function added to their profile, they need a better explanation of Stripe and this function. The way it is presented to the customer, it does not seem like an option, but required to register…



Hello, everyone.

My name is Azat Zinnyurov. I am a developer of the Stripe payment gateway add-on for CS-Cart.

The error that is being discussed here indeed existed in our add-on. We have resolved it, and a new version of the add-on is now available for the license holders in our HelpDesk ( [url=“Sign in”]Sign in ).

As for the Stripe tab on the user profile page, which allows users to link their accounts in the store to Stripe, we will add a new setting that will activate or disable this functionality.

Also, we are planning to release a new special version for the Multi-Vendor software. The distinctive feature of this version consists in the fact that it will allow to pay orders so that the money for the vendors' products will be transferred to the vendors' accounts. Our Adaptive payment by PayPal is working like this now ( [url=“”][/url] ).

The new version of the add-on will be released approximately at the beginning of March.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.