Problem To Install Secure Connection Using Aws Ubuntu Server - Curl Error 7

Hello there,

is there anybody out there, who has successfully installed a secure connection using AWS Ubuntu server?!?

I tried my best, but I failed.

What have I done?

1.) I requested a SSL-Certificate by using the AWS Certificate manager

2.) I combined it with the elastic load balancer

3.) I made a new A record entry in Route 53 ... and perhaps here is the problem: Do I have to get a second hosted zone for the secure path or do I add it to the hosted zone of my shop-website?!?

Is there anybody who has a guidance or a video tutorial for making the right steps ... step by step???

At the moment I get a Curl Error 7 in my CS-Cart multivendor Admin panel (Version 4.3.9).

And when I call the secure_path_to_store_closed.html I get a blank page with a lock that shows that the amazon-SSL-certificate is accepted ...

I am out of ideas ...

Thank you for any good idea