Problem Exporting Product Data From Second Storefront

I want to change some prices on my second storefront via export/import but I cannot seem to export anything from the second store. This second store shares products with my main store, but I need the pricing to be different. I try exporting when “in” the second store admin, but instantly get the error, “No Data Exported”.

This is strange because I manually adjusted a few of the prices and they are displaying correctly on both storefronts. So, where and how do I get this data to edit?

I have tried uploading some product data by simply changing the STORE field to reflect my second store, but it just creates new products with no image and generic top level categories.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Don't think you can share the product data and split the pricing. Pricing is part of the product.

Thanks for the reply. The thing about it is that I can't edit the Retail Price separately, however I can edit the Price field separately. They are independent of each other, and display properly on each storefront and admin panel, so I would assume that there is a way to export/import that data field. I'll keep looking into it, but I may have to submit a help ticket.

Hmm, guess I learned something new. Odd though that there is no company_id column in the cscart_product_prices table to differentiate pricing between companies. So not quite sure how it's being done… By “Retail Price” I'm assuming you mean List price.

You're cetain that you are modifying the same product_id and not copies of the product, one in each company. I.e. the company_id in the cscart_products table for the product in question is company_id=0.

I'm confident that there is only one product id per product in my setup. I double checked the export data and found only one instance of this SKU. I'll go look in the myphp admin as well, to see what might be possible in there. I have considered that I might have to make copies of products in order to have the edit-ability that I require, but that would mean extra work when I update or add products, which rather defeats the purpose of our multiple storefront plans.

Here are some screenshots to illustrate what I'm working with…

You can see the same SKU on both storefronts, each with different prices. I have also added the view from each admin panel, as well as the admin view from ALL SUPPLIERS, which is identical to my main store.

Thanks for your input on this issue.






You're talking MVE… Not multi-company (I.e. cs-cart not cs-cart MVE). Vendors are different than companies and the MVE version utilizes a cscart_vendor_min_prices table.

I can't really address the administrative differences between vendors. I just don't have that much experience with MVE. But I will guarantee the standard cs-cart only allows one price setting for products that are shared across storefronts. MVE is essentially a single storefront with multiple vendors.

Thanks again. I'm not using MVE, it's just the standard edition. I don't know why they use the wordings: VENDOR and SUPPLIERS, as that adds to the confusion. I'll figure this out eventually!

I managed to achieve my goal by editing the database table, cscart_ult_product_prices, via phpmyadmin. I never like editing the database directly, but this method worked. Now both storefronts have different prices, as desired.

Again, learn something new… Thanks. But then the question is why doesn't update from the UI? Are you sure you're in the context of the other storefront? Looking at the code, it is sensitive to the active company_id.

I have no idea why, but they evidently have not incorporated the functionality for this via the admin panel. They are clearly using the table, [color=#282828][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif]cscart_ult_product_prices, rather than the regular product prices table. [/font][/color]

As I read the logic in the code, it should behave like:

if in All Stores, update the product_prices table

If in a specific store update the ult_product_prices table using the company_id to differentiate between prices.

This is for quantity discounts. Not sure it was done for base price and if not, you should report that as a bug in bugtracker.

ok, I will. Thanks for the info!


What is difference between cs-cart single vendor db and cs-cart multi vendor db? Do you connect multi-vendor db to single vendor db? your answer "Yes" Please explain " how to connecting multi-vendor db to single vendor db. Please help them because its very urgent.


naga mahesh bondada,,

CS-Cart: multiple store-fronts with one vendor

Multi-Vendr: multiple vendors with one store-front

Unfortunately the databases of different editions cannot be connected without significant code modifications

Both are same version 4.3.6 and It is possible or not. if it is possible any code modifications please explain step by step.

Both are same version 4.3.6 and It is possible or not. if it is possible any code modifications please explain step by step.

A bit confused on what you're asking. Originally you said 2nd storefront but now say "both on same version". Are these separate installations or are there 2 storefronts in one installation?

If 2 storefronts, you should be able to export each store separatly by simply selecting the store in the upper left and then going to Administration/Export/... It should then only export products in that store's context. You can also do it from All Stores mode and simply have it add the "Store" column.

Both are same version 4.3.6 and It is possible or not. if it is possible any code modifications please explain step by step.

I agree with Tony. Please clarify what do you have and what do you want to receive?

multi vendor db and single vendor db are separate installations. But I am asking "How to Connecting multi vendor db in single vendor db". I tried But Store Front is not opening and admin panel is working. How to Slove this problem.

You can't. But your use of multi/single is somewhat confusing since they are completely separate editions of cs-cart products.

There are 2 editions of cs-cart shopping cart:

1) cs-cart: single or multiple storefronts

2) Multi-vendor Edition: single storefront with multiple 'vendors' who can supply products to the store and where the store owner pays them commission on sales.+