Problem Clicking Checkout After Adding Item To Cart. 4.3.1

After upgrade to 4.3.1 have noticed when you add an item to your cart then hover over or click on

the shopping cart at top right this is the link that I am shown. below.

Clicking on view cart!%2F%23!%252F%2523%2521%25252F%252523%252521%2525252F%25252523%25252521%252525252F%2525252523%2525252521%25252525252Fcart.html

Or clicking on checkout!%2F%23!%252F%2523%2521%25252F%252523%252521%2525252F%25252523%25252521%252525252F%2525252523%2525252521%25252525252Fcheckout.html

If I refresh the page or go to another page then click on the cart it works fine.

If I add an item to the cart then use the popup window the links are shown like this

Website Hosting - which also does not work.

bueller bueller anyone… :grin:

Still having this issue. Seems that somewhere it has added [color=#000000]#!%2F to my code. [/color][color=#000000]when a user goes to a category and clicks on page 2 no one can click on any of the items on page 2. [/color][color=#000000]A link looks like this[/color]

CutRiteFX - Custom Vinyl Graphics

if I refresh the page it looks like it should

Have already contacted helpdesk and waiting for them.

They advised trying to turn on [color=#000000]APC. That did not help.[/color]