Privilege Allowing Vendors To Setup Coupon Code

Hi all,

I am currently using multi vendor 4.3 and trying to take out most of the privilege for vendors as we do not want them to do something funny.

However, we do want to allow them to be able to create some promo code on the vendor portal so they can launch some campaigns and give some discount to their customers without our help. Under user group what privilege should I give them?

I have tried "Manage gift certificate system" and "Manage promotion system", but both won't enable the "Marketing" tab on the vendor portal. Where can we allow the vendor to setup some coupon codes?




Possibly, just the URL is disabled for vendors. Try to use direct URL:


Thanks for your help. I tried but it gave me permission denied. Is the permission that I am giving correct?

Take a look at his thread.

Promotions are not available for Vendor in Multi-Vendor.

Hi Ilya,

Thanks, that explains. Would there be any plan in implementing this feature as someone had requested this back in 2011?