Printer friendly pages

A button which would print the product in a printer friendly format, without sideboxes, header, etc…

I don’t think this is too difficult, I’ve seen free scripts to do this. The thing you’d want to be sure of is that the printable version isn’t crawled by the spiders or it falls into duplicate content status*. As I understand it , making the link to that page a javascript link would resolve that as spiders don’t follow javascript links, yet anyway.

It would be nice to have have a feature like this that gave you the option of including or excluding any images included in the article from the admin side on a per page basis. It would also be nice to have an alternate header graphic, as your site header graphic might be 750px wide which is too wide for most priters, but a smaller alternate graphic, say 500 px wide would not be. No sense in wasting a branding opportunity.

*(FYI - It’s not that you necessarily get penalized for duplicate content, but it takes control out of the webmasters hands, and the search engines, google at least, may choose not to display one of the versions in search results. It’s just best to avoid it if at all possible to avoid unexpected search results)

i would like this too as i print invoices for hard backups and to include in the shipping of the item