Print Invoice Pdf Not Working

Print Invoice PDF not working

Interestingly I have used CS Cart for years with no problem with this feature and about a week ago it suddenly stopped working.

I would select Print Invoice PDF on the order page and usually it gets saved to my download folder and then I use this to create a DHL label. Now a file is created but it is empty.

I checked error logs and memory and hard drive space and all the normal possibilities with no luck.

I am using a workaround for the moment where I go to print a paper invoice but in the normal print menu I select save for PDF and save to my download file with no problem.

This problem occurs on different computers both Apple and PC so it is either a software problem or server problem - I guess... But no software changes at all recently.

Anyone have an idea?

Many thanks for all help!

Please contact support team. There was a problem with the server which is used to print pdf documents. But as far as I know, they fixed it


Thank you very much for letting me know!

I wonder why CS Cart didn't send out an email letting everyone know??

Confirmed working now.

Hours of work lost because CS Cart did not have the courtesy to let us know...

i have the same problem i can bulk export pdf orders
come out all blank

Please contact us via Help Desk on this case.

hi done this now