Print invoice & packing slip at same time

Is there any way of printing the packing slip at the same time as the invoice rather than having to click each item at the same time?

Using the bulk print only prints off the invoice, it would be great if it printed off both.

I know this is an old question, but I also have a request from a client who would like to have this option implemented. I would like to combine the results of dispatch[orders.packing_slip] & dispatch[orders.bulk_print] in the orders/manage.tpl file. If someone knows how to set this up, I would greatly appreciate it.


Not quite sure, but why not change the name of the invoice.tpl file to concat_invoice.tpl and then have a new invoice.tpl that did an “include” of concat_invoice.tpl and the packing slip (with a
between the two.

Not sure if both templates draw upon the same template variables or not.

I do not know how cs-cart handles packing slips relative to the “supplier”. So that’s probablly something you want to understand. I.e. the “item” from a supplier might be stripped from the list of items BEFORE the data is sent to the packing slip template.

Thanks tbirnseth,

I made the mod and it works great, but the issue I have now is on the customer side. When the customer receives or prints an invoice, it includes a packing slip. I have tried to separate the invoices out between customer and admin, but haven’t had any luck.

I am also searching for the customer order confirmation emailer file that actually calls out the invoice.tpl include to see I can change something there. If anybody has any thoughts, I would appreciate it. Otherwise, I will revert back to the original files. I think it would be a bit odd to send a customer a packing slip.

put it all in something like:

{if $smarty.const.AREA == 'A'}
use the concatenated method
use the invoice only method

You’ll then get the concatenated version when in the Admin area and just the invoice in the customer area.

The idea was great! Can someone kindly tell me where to code please? Thank you!

It would be the invoice.tpl file in the mail skin directory.

Thank you!