Price With Tax Issue.


I am stuck with a simple thing.

I created new item with price 10.

I have following configuration for the tax:

  1. Tax is not marked on product page
  2. Tax rate value 0.18 percantage (18%)
  3. Tax including is unchecked on tax tab.
  4. On appearance settings I have

    Estimate taxes using default address on cart/checkout pages = Unchecked

    Display prices with taxes on category/product pages = Unchecked

    Display prices with taxes on cart/checkout pages = Unchecked

    But on the front office the price for this product 7.81 (7.83 with tax)

    What is wrong???

    Are there some more tax settings I missed???

    Please let me know what is wrong…

Sorry, find the problem was with the currencies, Eur had 1.28 rate. So all prices were wrong.