Price with all taxes addes as default price and local restricted delivery method ?


I have few issues that cannot resolve by myself:

  1. Is there a way when i create new product in product price to be entered some price(for example 20), but in store front to be displayed price + VAT (20 + 20% VAT =24)? Because now the price entered and the price shown are the same and taxes are added later. By law all prices that the costumer see must be final (with added tax).

    The best that i accomplish is with checked mark “Display prices with taxes on category/product pages if the method of calculating taxes is based on a unit’s price” in Appearance settings. But the result is: “20 (24 incl tax)”

    And in the notice that costumer receive on email to have 3 columns:

    product price 20

    vat 4

    total 24

  2. Because We express delivery for the city which is located in our headquarters Is there a way that delivery is available only to customers that the delivery address is located in this city?