Price Too Low To Show - Add To Cart

I'm wanting to modify cs-cart so that some products have the price hidden until the user adds to cart (like a “price too low to show - add to cart” feature).

I know that I can hide the price for all products unless the shopper is registered (ref this post)

Has anybody see an add-on that can accomplish the desired “add to cart to see price” function?

Ideally, I'd like to only turn this on for certain products that I can sell below the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) established by the manufacturer.

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Additional code modifications are required to implement this feature. We are ready to integrate it for you. Just contact us using the link from my signature.

Hi dmciver,

As eComLabs rightly mentioned, code modification is the only solution here. We will be glad to quote it for you if you are interested.

We have an old V2 addon we could port to V4 for you. It is called MAP Pricing (Minimum Advertised Price). Basically it replaces the price with a message that the price will be shown when the item is added to the cart. It allows you to set MAP pricing tfor any product in your store. If your price (or price adjusted by discounts) is less than the MAP price, then the message is displayed. Note that quantity does NOT affect this calculation since most manufacturers who utilize MAP view it as a per-item value. The old (hidden) V2 page is: Note that the price listed is not applicable since it an addon we have discontinued. But the description describes the behavior.