Price per unit missing title on front


price per unit missing very important information and its the name of the Price per unit or for example in German Grundpreis. Now the customer don’t have a clue what this is. Please fix!

You can choose the Unit name in the product page.

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Sorry, but I don’t understand what is the issue. Could you please clarify?

I’m talking about the name of the Unit price, Ground Price. Label is missing, not the name or type of ground price. There is ground price and faktor. Label is missing which is very important information what the numbers or unit name is ?

What is it now ??? Can you tell me ? Or do you know what it is ?

Customer needs to know what that information is


Example :

Ground price
1 Kg - 2,00 EUR


1 Kg - 2,00 EUR
(Ground price)

Well in that case, you need to remove the 2 Pak ($39.98 per Pak.) and change it for the weight and price. For example, 10Kgs (7.99$ per Kg)

Im talking about the information, label what the numbers and the pk are …

Customer needs to know what the he… is displayed there and not i every time i have to enter per Kg or do some modifications

Unit is Kg, Liter, Meter, Tonne, M2, m3

Faktor is clear
and the name is Groundprice


1,99 Kg or 1,99 per KG

LABEL missing :slight_smile:

If you are referring to the Price Per Unit add-on, then I’d like to mention that unit in the price is displayed on both categories and product details page.

If you need to bulk update this value in your products, you can use the import feature, this field is supported to be exported/imported.