Price Per Location Addon


I'm looking for an addon that will allow to post prices per shipping country (not exchange rate. and not ultimate - where the customer needs to move from one shop/domain to another).

I want it all to be on the same site/domain.

I saw it on other websites (mostly prestashops). example can be seen in

When a customer is visiting the website, they need to choose shipping country.

once shipping country is chosen (before adding products to cart) - the customer will see only the prices set for the relevant countries.

after choosing products, at checkout - the customer will be able to pay only a pre-set payment methods

for example:

if the customer from Poland - he will see the prices in Polish Zloty only and will be able to pay by PayPal/Stripe in Polish Zloty.

If the customer fromr Israel - he will see the prices in Israeli Shekels and will be able to pay in Shekels only

If the customer from EU (or other countries which have no currency set) he will see the prices in EUR and will be able to pay in EUR only.

If there is such addon ready (looked for but could not find) - I will really appreciate if you can send me a link to it.

if there is no addon - appreciate price quote from a developer.