Price Modifier on Text Product Option Field

Hi All

Is it possible on CS-Cart to apply a price modifier to a product option field that is of type text, not selectbox.

I am developing a site to sell curtains and require a text field where customers can enter the width of their required curtain.

The system would then lookup a price modifier based on what range the width fell into e.g. if they entered 150 it would fall into the 125 - 165 price range and add £10, else if they entered 175 it would fall into the price range 165 - 200 and add £20 etc.

Why wouldn’t you want to use a selector (or radio buttons if only a few) for this? What if the customer enters “length 25, height 400” or “32in”? Parsing a free-form text box to have it automatically assign a value based on a range can be awkward when you can’t control the input.


I need a fee text field so that they can enter the exact measurments of their window. Not all windows are the same size and curtains need to be made to measure.

Maybe you can use a combination of fields, probably global options.

Should probably use a required drop-down which would be for ranges and would add the price and then a free text field for the exact measurement. Of course, the downside would be that the customer would choose the incorrect range for what what added. But, would work until another solution is found.

If you want t text field and are willing to write the parser and to take the risk of invalid data, then just use a “textbox” as the type for an option.