Price Level

This is for a jewelry website where prices depend on the market.

The prices of the jewelry are 8 levels for each metal.

Which I already created the levels in product_options_variants.

I made the levels options addable in product_option variants in the admin panel

The problem now I have is this. there 8 of these

Gold: $600 = $market1

$800 = $market2

$2000 = $market8

PT: $600 = $market1

$800 = $market2

$2000 = $market8

The $modifier has to get the price according to the selected market. for example for each option

if I go and select somewhere in setting for example

that main market price is $600 for Gold

then all items varient price is X

and if I choose Platinum for a ring and PT is $800

all the PT varients will choose $market2 for that varient.

Can anyone help? I already setup the table for cscart_product_options_variants

This would make more sense if this is done in global options. Almost all the products need this feature.